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El Paso Electric SCORE℠ Plus Program
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Reduce Energy Bills. Improve the Comfort of Your Buildings. All at a Discount.

The El Paso Electric SCORE Plus Program is available to large commercial, school, city and county customers of El Paso Electric in New Mexico.

Efficient lighting, air conditioning, and roofing can make a difference on your monthly electric bill and your buildings' comfort. And with financial incentives available to help pay for a portion of the cost, there's never been a better time to make your facilities more energy efficient. Financial incentives are available for energy (kWh) savings.

The SCORE Plus Program offers technical assistance to Participants to guide them through the many options available when starting an energy-efficiency project. This program is offered at no cost, the only financial investment the customer makes is for the energy efficiency measures they choose to install.

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Walter Guerrero
El Paso Electric

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