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Low Income Residential Program
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Reduce Energy Bills. Improve the Comfort of Your Home. All At A Discount.*

Proper insulation, efficient windows, well-sealed ducts, solar screens, and a high-efficiency air conditioning system can make a real difference on your monthly electric bill and your home's comfort.

The El Paso Electric Low Income Residential Program is available to El Paso Electric customers in Texas who meet eligibility requirements. For your family to qualify, you must receive benefits from one or more of the programs listed below; OR provide proof that your total household income is equal to or less than the amount shown in the table below the list.

  • Food Stamps
  • Medical Assistance
  • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Children's Health Insurance Programs
  • Qualified Medicare Beneficiary
  • Public Housing, Section 8 Housing, or Other Housing Authority Assistance

Participating in this program will not affect your eligibility for other program benefits.

Size of Family Unit 200% of HHS Poverty Guidelines
Annual Income Monthly Income Weekly Income
1 $23,540 $1,962 $453
2 $31,860 $2,655 $613
3 $40,180 $3,348 $773
4 $48,500 $4,042 $933
5 $56,820 $4,735 $1,093
6 $65,140 $5,428 $1,253
7 $73,460 $6,122 $1,413
8 $81,780 $6,815 $1,573
For each additional person, add: $8,320 $693 $160

To download the Low Income Eligibility Guideline click here.

To download the Low Income Residential Program Executive Summary click here.

*Incentives are only available to customers who use a participating contractor.

For more information, please contact the CLEAResult Program Administrator, Delilah Buenrostro at 915-255-4286 or the El Paso Electric Energy Efficiency Program Coordinator, Desmond Machuca, at 915-543-4178 or