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Residential Solutions Program
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Reduce Energy Bills. Improve the Comfort of Your Home.
All At A Discount.

El Paso Electric offers discounts through local, participating contractors for installing energy efficiency improvements.

No qualification is necessary. Customers can contact the contractor directly from the El Paso Electric list to get a free quote. When the project is completed, the discount is deducted from the total and the customer only pays the balance.

Energy efficiency incentives are available for the following measures:

Insulation X X
Window Replacement X X
Solar Screens X X
Evaporative Conversions X  
HVAC Upgrades   X
Air Infiltration   X
Duct Sealing X X
HVAC Tune-up   X

El Paso Electric Energy Efficiency Hotline 915-521-4488
CLEAResult Hotline 915-255-4300

EPE Residential Solutions Program Brochure

EPE Participating Contractors

Incentives are only available to customers
who use a participating contractor.